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W&D Envelope Servo System

Add Servo Controls to your existing W&D Equipment!

EMP has a long history of supplying and working with W&D registration systems. We have performed numerous servo (single and multi-axis) in-field upgrades for all of the following machines:

  • W&D 102
  • W&D 202
  • W&D 241
  • W&D 249
  • W&D 527

EMP offers Main Web Registration Systems, as well as Registered Patch Units. We also have experience replacing PIV Transmissions.

EMP can also re-build your W&D Printing Press with independently driven servo motors, increasing registration and overall accuracy, while improving tension control.

Be sure to view the video of our equiment in operation on a W&D 527!

EMP Servo systems are designed to provide a seamless integration into your plant. We are experts at installing servo retro-fit upgrades in a timely fashion and will have you running printed envelopes in a couple of days, training included.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions @ 631.434.3700