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B&H Spare Parts & Servo Registration System Upgrade

Upgrade your existing B&H Labeler with the EMP Series 1100 Servo Registration System or contact us about B & H spare parts via email at or go old school and call us at 631-434-3700.

Guaranteed to have the best pricing and ensure a quick and easy transaction.  

Available in a variety of packages, your existing B&H Roll-Fed labeler can benefit from the latest in Servo Registration technology with a simple EMP installation. We offer the following installations:

  • Full line of Spare Parts -  EMP offers a full line of affordable and available spare parts. Call us today for a quote on your glue units, blades, etc! 
  • Entire Drive Train replacement - Up to 6 Servo motors replace every gear, sprocket and chain on your machine. Reducing changeover time to 30 minutes, while keeping your existing changeover parts.
  • Registration System replacement - Separate your Draw roller from the drive train and drive independently with a Servo. No longer requires different diameter draw rollers, our most popular option.
  • Infeed Screw replacement - Without using a touch screen, servo drive your infeed screw with an extremely accurate and simple to setup system.
  • Glue Wheel replacement - Get rid of your obsolete glue wheel and replace it with a Nordson Non-Contact glue dispensing system. Completely adjustable and controlled through an EMP touch screen, save money on glue costs and setup time.

These different offerings can be combined into one package that all operate out of one EMP Windows XP Touch Screen. 

EMP has experience performing Servo upgrades on a wide vareity of B&H models. If you do not see your specific machine here, call us today to receive more information and photos of your labeler.

Call us today to begin discussing your solution! 631.434.3700.