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Accura Labeler

All the advantages of a brand new Servo-Driven labeler, with the cost savings of a Retro-fit package!


Developed alongside knowledgeable Maintenance and Operating personnel, the Accura Labeling System utilizes Servo Motion Control technology to address the issues that plague your production values. With the ability to get back in time immediately after a Bottle Jam, our customers report an average Changeover time reduction of 66%.

To optimize your budget, the Accura Labeling System is available in the following packages:

  1. Existing Labeler In-Field Installation
    • In your plant, your existing machine is gutted and replaced with all new controls in a matter of days.
  2. Re-Conditioned Labeler
    • Completely re-built in our factory, then shipped and commissioned in your plant by EMP.
  3. New Labeler
    • Built from scratch yet designed to utilize change parts you are comfortable with and already have!

Optional Swap-Out Program: EMP will purchase your existing labeler and apply the credit to the system of your choice.

Features specific to the Accura Labeler include the following:

  • Automatic Timing/Homing - WIth the push of a button, your machine is in time and ready to run.
  • Direct-Coupled Servo Motors - Eliminate all chains, gears and headaches associated with the maintenance-demanding singular drive-train found on your current labeler.
  • Keep Your Change Parts - No need to purchase new or different change parts.
  • Recipe-Style Setup - Timing and placement Settings for each label/bottle are stored on the Touch Screen's internal hard drive.

These benefits result in a 66% reduction in Changeover times!

The components of the Accura 5000 vary depending upon your Labeler's. are as follows:

  • 15" Windows XP Touch Screen with Custom EMP Software
    • Intel Celeron 1.5 GHz Processor
    • 1 GB DDRam
    • 802.11 n/b/g PCIe Wireless Internet
    • Remote Access Capability
  • Custom EMP Brackets - Change labels/bottles with no adjustments under the table.
  • Servo Motion Control Technology
    • Servo Drives & Motors increase accuracy and performance
    • Capable of driving machine 650+ bottles per minute
  • TLU-015 Registration Scanner

During the design process, EMP opted to use many of the same components throughout (Motors, Amplifiers, Gear Heads, etc) in order to minimize Spare Parts.

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